Paying For Your League! (Player & Team Payments)

Hey Captains, Players, and Free Agents (Individuals) -

Here's some information you need to know about paying for your next league!

Per Player Pricing versus Team Pricing

Atlanta Sport And Social Club uses two kinds of pricing models, specific to each league: 

Per Player Pricing: For NON FREE AGENT TEAMS, a roster minimum is strictly enforced. Each player is responsible for paying the player fee, outlined in the league details 

Team Pricing: For NON FREE AGENT TEAMS, the captain is 100% responsible for making sure that the team fee is completed. Upon creating the team, the captain will be asked to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. This deposit temporarily reserves the team’s spot in the league. Once the deposit has been paid, the captain can use our new TEAMPAYER function to invite players with a request for a portion of the team fee. 

Discounts codes are not redeemable to team players after team fees have been split by the captain. If you have questions regarding discount codes please call us at 678-869-4688 OR email us at


Incomplete Team Payment Policy

The payment deadline date is the date that the league’s registration closes. This date is noted in BOLD as the “Signup Deadline” on the league details page. 

All captains (NOT INCLUDING FREE AGENT TEAMS) will be charged the balance of the team payment at the Signup Deadline.

Any team that cancels a team registration will be charged a $100 non-refundable penalty. 

What Should I do if I’m not 100% that I can put together a team?

For captains that aren’t confident that they can complete a team payment by the SIGNUP DEADLINE we recommend that you sign up as an INDIVIDUAL and invite players to join you in a small group. We will then add players to your roster to ensure that your team fee is complete.

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