Individual (Free Agent) Info

At Atlanta Sport and Social Club, an Individual (or Free Agent) is an independent player who does not have a team but is looking to get on the field! When you register as an Individual, we will assign you to a team that is made up of other Individual players.

Got a friend or a small group that you want to play with? No problem! During the registration process you'll be asked if there are any players that you want to be matched up with. Just enter their names and once they've completed their Individual registration, we'll get you on the same team.

Once you're added to a team, we'll create a group chat for you and your teammates using the GroupMe app. You can use this group chat to introduce yourself, schedule practices, talk strategy, and plan to get together at our social events!

Free Agent Hacks:

  • Plan to arrive at your first game a little early to meet your teammates and grab your shirt from you League Manager
  • Download the App to get weather and field condition updates! ALWAYS CHECK THE APP BEFORE HEADING TO YOUR GAME!
  • If you or your teammates are having trouble making it to games, please let us know! We want to make sure you'll always have enough to play. 


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