What does being a team captain mean?

Team captains are the leaders of each team in our leagues. They are responsible for setting up the team through our online registration system, inviting players to play, filling the team roster, and attending the captains' meeting. Once the season starts, team captains are in charge of distributing team shirts, communicating with players about the schedule, ensuring the team has enough players for each game, and communicating with ASSC staff. It's a lot of fun, and a great way to take on some leadership in your league.

To set up a team, you'll register as a team captain. You'll provide a team name, and have the option to either pay for the full team fee all at once, or have each player pay when they register. 

After you complete the registration process, you'll be able to send email invitations to the people you want to have on your team. Be aware of registration price increase dates so that you can let your friends and coworkers know when the price is going to go up! 

When your roster fills up and all registration fees are paid, your team will be marked as complete and you'll be placed on the schedule. You'll get emails from us featuring Captain's info and the schedule, 4-5 days before the start. 

If you're having trouble filling up your roster, there are several options, listed here. Please be aware of our refund policies, as registering a team is a commitment to provide a full roster and play the full season. 

Team captains are an integral part of Atlanta Sport and Social Club and we are grateful for all our team captains!

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