How many players do I need to have on my team?

Each sport has different requirements, listed in the rules. Each sport has a requirement for the number of players on the field, the number of players to start a game, and the number of players on the roster. Co-ed sports also have a minimum number of female players on the field and on the roster. Some sports, like softball and kickball, have gender requirements for the batting order, which can be found in the rules. The grid below covers many of the requirements for various sports:

Co-ed Sport Roster Minimum Minimum Females on Roster
Barlympics 6 2
Bowling 4 1
Basketball 8 3
Cornhole 3 1
Flag Football (7v7) 12 3
Kickball 15 3
Soccer (7v7) 12 3
Soccer (8v8) 13 4
Softball 13 3
Ultimate Frisbee 12 3
Volleyball (Indoor) 8 2
Volleyball (Outdoor) 6 2

We require more players on the roster than needed to play because we know that teams like to have subs available, and players may miss games due to illness, travel, injury, etc. In order to avoid team forfeits, rosters have extra players built in so that all teams can play every game.

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