What happens if I don't have enough players on my roster?

Registering as a team captain is a commitment to providing a full roster. If you do not expect to have a full team of players, we suggest that you register as in individual and invite friends to join your INDIVIDUAL GROUP! 

Leading up to the start of your league, we will keep an eye on rosters to make sure all teams have a complete roster. If your team is short when registration is set to close, we will reach out to you with a few options. You can:

- Invite more people to your team: Your teammates may have other friends, colleagues, relatives or significant others who want to join the team. We can keep registration open longer to allow time for you to add more players.

- Change to a small group: If your team is more than 2 players away from the minimum roster requirement, you can opt to change to a small group, and we will facilitate creating a full team by incorporating other small groups and free agent players. There is an administrative fee of $10/player to change your team to a small group.

- Combine with another team: There are some occasions were we may combine teams in order to create a team with a full roster. We cannot guarantee that this is an option, and teams should not rely on this being the solution to an incomplete team. We will contact affected captains prior to making these changes.

- Pay for the unfilled player spots: your team may decide to play with a short roster, so long as you have the minimum number to field a team for each game. In this case, we will increase the captain's invoice to account for the unfilled player spots. Once that balance is paid, the team will be marked as complete and added to the roster.

Free agents are not available to be added to regular team rosters. Free agent and small group players are assigned to teams solely designated for free agents. We cannot provide additional players to teams.

Teams that do not have enough players to field a team will be kept off the schedule for the first week of the season. If they still do not have a full roster by the second week of games, the team will be removed from the league, and players will be given credits to use towards a future season. No refunds will be given under these circumstances. Creating your own team is a commitment to provide a full team. 



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