What if I want to play but don't have a team? (Individual & Small Group Registration)

In most of our leagues we offer both TEAM and INDIVIDUAL registration.  If you have not been invited to a team, or do not know anyone else playing in that league, you can sign up as an Individual and we'll place you on a team. Simply search for the league of your choice, and select the Individual option from there. 

During the registration process, you'll be asked if you're hoping to be teamed with friends: 


If you plan to register alone, just click the first option, "Just me, thanks!". If you'd like to be paired with one or more friends, chose the second option and let us know their names and and email addresses. 

Typically, we put Individuals together on an Individual team. This way, Individuals have a chance to meet new people, gel as a team, and often these teams go on to play together for many seasons to come.

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