League Registration Walk-thru

The easiest way to register is online! Just pick the sport you want to play from the Sports League list, and see what leagues are open for registration.

Once you've picked a sport, click the title of the league that would like to join and you'll be given two options: Team or Individual.



Team - When you register and create a team, you are assuming the role as CAPTAIN.

Captains are responsible for creating the team, sending invites to teammates, making sure the team fees requirements have been met, and providing league information to teammates. Some sports such as Basketball and Volleyball are TEAM FEE based, as opposed to PLAYER FEE based. In these cases, the captain is responsible for making sure the team fee is paid before the deadline. To learn more about splitting the team fee CLICK HERE!

An Individual is someone who does not have a team, and wants to join the league and be added to a team. You can request to be put on a team along with other Individuals. 

After you've selected the registration option the applies to you, simply complete the registration information and payment, and you'll get a confirmation email that your registration is completed.

Before the season starts, you'll hear from us about the season kickoff party, typically held a few days before the season starts. You'll also get an email 4-5 days before your league starts with schedule information, weather hotline information, sponsor bar deals for the league, and other details.

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