What equipment or clothing do I need to play?

All players are provided with a team shirt (or jersey) to wear for the season. Players should wear their team shirt to every game. If a player has not yet received their shirt or does not have it at a given game, they should wear a shirt of a similar color.


Softball players need to provide their own glove, and each team should bring 2-3 bats for each game. Softball games are provided with one game ball per game.

Game Balls

Game balls are provided by ASSC for football, soccer, basketball, kickball and volleyball. Discs are provided for ultimate frisbee. Players may request to use a ball brought by the team, which must be approved by the game official and the opposing team captain.

Cleated sports - soccer, flag football, softball, ultimate frisbee 

We recommend that players wear cleats for these sports. All cleats must be plastic or rubber. No metal cleats or spikes will be allowed in any sport. For soccer, shin guards and soccer socks are optional. Cleats are allowed in kickball, but not commonly used. Some fields may have restrictions regarding cleats, and players at those locations will be informed of these exceptions at the beginning of their season

All other sports require close-toed athletic shoes. No sandals, flip-flops, high-heeled shoes, houseshoes, slippers, or other non-athletic shoes will be allowed. 




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