ASSC Weather Policy

We all know the weather is unpredictable and we do our best to keep our players informed through a great service called RainOut Line. We will always update RainOut Line at least 60 minutes before game time. Players should not expect a rainout email, as our staff relies solely on the RainoutLine App to communicate rainouts and game cancellations. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RAINOUTLINE APP BEFORE HEADING OUT TO THE FIELDS/COURTS!

Please rely on these resources rather than calling or emailing the office. There are 3 ways you can check RainOut Line if the weather is questionable:

  1. Sign up to receive text alerts directly to your phone - instructions here.
  2. Call the Rainout Hotline and select the extension for your park - 678-869-4691
  3. Check the Rainout Line window on - scroll down and look on the on the right side. Green means we're playing, red means games are canceled, and a question mark means we have not made a final determination.

Rainouts/game cancellations are a necessary bummer but we definitely want to play just as much as you do! Rescheduling, acquiring new permits, and blowing up your inbox is not our idea of fun! We'll make every effort to proceed with games; however, it is our responsibility to our players, the Piedmont Park Conservancy, and the City of Atlanta Parks Department to err on the side of safety and park preservation. We try our best to avoid it, but sometimes we have to make a "game time decision." We'll proceed as normal, for as long as we can but other times that means that we have to stop and cancel a game if the conditions become severe. In either scenario, if you're at the field and don't have the opportunity to complete a game, head on over to one of our league sponsor bars and enjoy some bonding time with your team! 

Game Reschedule Policy - (Due to weather/field restrictions)

Games that are rained out will be rescheduled for a later date in the season. We understand that it becomes increasingly difficult to field a team when seasons are extended due to excessive (2 or more) rain delays. This may result in the scheduling of double headers (two games in one day) to make up for rained out games.

Atlanta Sport and Social Club will not extend the season more than 2 weeks past the "originally scheduled playoff date." If a league start is moved 2 weeks, the "originally scheduled playoff date" will also move 2 weeks.  

For any canceled games, players have the option to request:

  1. a single game reimbursement for each canceled game (reimbursement amount varies based on league)
  2. a single game credit, which can be applied to a future league, for each canceled game. 

In the event of excessive (2 or more) rainouts, Atlanta Sport and Social Club reserves the right to:

  1. Play games at a different location than originally scheduled
  2. Play on a different day and/or at a different time than originally scheduled.
  3. Shorten the number of games played in the season 
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