How do I know the schedule for my league?

We typically post league schedules four days before the league starts. Schedules cannot be created until all teams are registered and rosters are complete, so we occasionally delay creating full season schedules in order to accommodate late-registering teams. 

We send out an email to all players in the league when the schedule has been created. However, we may have to make adjustments during the season due to weather, forfeits, and other reasons. There are two ways you can stay informed about the schedule during the season. 

First, keep an eye out for game reminder emails, which are emailed out 2 days before each game. 

Second, check the schedule online. The online schedule is always the most up-to-date and accurate schedule. Just visit hover over the Sports League tab. Schedules is the first option in the drop down list.

Use the filters to narrow down the sport, season and day of week you are playing. Then click Filter, and select the Schedule button for the league you're playing in.

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