[League Updates] - 7v7 Flag Football!

Team Pricing

The new TEAM PRICING feature is a shift from the previous PER PLAYER PRICING. Here are some of the perks that come with this new feature:

  • No more 12-player roster minimum (Teams can have as few as 7 players)
    • Life happens and sometimes a player or two has to miss a game. So we do suggest that teams have at least 10 players on their roster. 
  • Lock in ONE PRICE for the whole team
    • If your captain registers during the early bird or regular registration period, that price is locked in for the WHOLE TEAM! 
    • We hope that this makes recruiting teammates a lot easier for you. 

"A" - Competitive Division

In order to provide a more enjoyable in-game experience, we've introduced a competitive division to our Saturday morning league. Our goal is to ensure that teams are consistently placed in the proper division and that match-ups are fair and fun for everyone!

  • Teams who have exhibited exceptional success in the "B"-Intermediate division will be placed in the "A"-Competitive Division in coming seasons. 

League Official Grading System

Coming Fall 2017, players are able to provide their input as it regards to the officials of their most recent game. Think your officiating crew was great? You can let us know and we'll make sure they are scheduled for more games! 






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