[League Updates] - 10v10 Kickball

League Fees

Kickball is intended to be a low barrier to entry sport and we want to keep it that way. Fall 2017 Kickball leagues will feature some of the best prices in Atlanta! 

Team Roster Requirements

In previous seasons, we've required 15 player rosters. Coming Fall 2017, teams are only required to have 13 players (min. 4 female players) in order to play! Although the games are played with 10 on the field, the 13 player requirement is to help avoid forfeits each week. 

Consolation Games

Did your team miss the playoffs? No worries! Consolation games will be offered to non-qualified teams, during the playoff rounds. More playing opportunities for everyone! 



A revised, player friendly rule book is on the way! A one-page abbreviated version of the official kickball rulebook will be provided to each captain at the first game of the season. The full and abbreviated versions will both be available to view when Fall 2017 registration opens. 

League Umpire Grading System

Coming Fall 2017, players are able to provide their input as it regards to the Umpire of their most recent game. Think your umpire was great? You can let us know and we'll make sure you see him/her more often! 



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