General Registration Information

How old do I have to be to participate?

How do I create a profile on ASSC's website?

There are three ways to complete a registration for a league:

  1. Register as a Team Captain and create a team. 
  2. Register as an Individual. You'll then be added to a roster. 
  3. Accept an invitation from a team captain via email or Facebook invite. 


What does the registration fee include?

League fees are due prior to the start of the league and by the payment deadline, specified in the league details. 

League Fees include:

  • A predetermined number of regular season games plus the possibility of playoff games if your team qualifies! (Standard league = 7 games / Quickie league = 5 games)*
  • Atlanta Sport and Social Club field staff. This includes all of or any combination of: League Manager, League Official, League Photographer, and League Street Team. 
  • Team shirt for each player 
  • Discounts and specials at post-game sponsor bar 
  • Season kickoff party with drink specials, prizes and more 
  • All league scheduling, customer support, and other administrative items.

Registration is divided into three periods: early bird, regular and late. Once a registration period has passed, no discounts will be given to reduce fees to the previous level. 

* Atlanta Sport and Social Club reserves the right to change the length of a season due to excessive rainouts, field scheduling issues, and other unforeseen circumstances. We also reserve the right to change of day, time and location of games in order to complete games. 


What does it mean to be "Waitlisted"?

Many of our leagues are limited to a certain number of teams, based on the amount of field/court time we have available. Once that number of teams has been met, registration for that league will move to a WAITLIST RESERVATION. If your team is waitlisted, and prepared to make ONE COMPLETE TEAM PAYMENT, give us a call at 678-869-4690 and we can add you to the league in place of any incomplete teams. 

Can you hold a spot for me?

What if my team invitation link doesn't work?

1. Have you captain log in and send a new invite to an active email.

2. Shoot us an email at and let us know the League (Full Program Name) and Team that you'd like to join! 

3. Give us a call during business hours (Monday - Friday 9:00am-5:00pm) and we'd be more than happy to help you out! 

What skill levels do you offer?

We offer 3 Skill Levels for our Players: 

"A"(Competitive) -[LIMITED PROGRAMMING]- Level is our Competitive Leagues where the participants have a long standing history in the sport and know their way around the field and may even have prior experience in other competitive leagues. Teams with a long standing history in our "B" (Intermediate) leagues are encouraged to move up to our "A" (Competitive) leagues! 

"B" (Intermediate) Our "B" Level is our Intermediate Leagues where our players have played the sport before, know the rules and gameplay, but maybe do not possess the physical or technical skill set that would raise their game up to "A" Level.

"C" (Social/Rec) And our "C" Level is our Social/Recreational Leagues where many players may be new to the game, the city, or the league environment. "C" Level is ideal for less skilled players, those who may be rusty, older players who don't want to leave their sport just yet, or completely new players to the game. The level of "competition" in these leagues is intentionally lowered. Social/Recreational leagues are intended to encourage off-the-field activity! 

Players and teams may determine what skill level they would like to play in. However, in some cases, we may request that an experienced team play at a higher level of competition than they originally signed up for. We do our best to create an enjoyable playing environment at all levels.

Editor's note: If you're going to play down in skill level, you just gotta be extra nice about it. Don't be the team running up the score and talking trash or creating league hostility! We're here to have fun!



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